Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RED HAIR BAMM! oh and New channel

Hi ya'll, so if your actually reading this I have bad news, I had to get a new channel and totally change my youtube user name, wahh wahh. It sucks, it a long story which Im not trying to bore you with so anywhooooooo if you want to see make a fool out of myself go subb to the new one: gabybaggg

Thanks appreciate it much!  oh and yeah. . .Im burning red aka I have red hair now. WOW! :O haha But I must say I do love it.  Its something that I have never tried before and kind of out of my comfort zone.  Im stepping out of the box now and I likeyyyy :)

ok toodles! Heres a picture of my new hair, let me know what you think, its not as bright as it looks here, this picture has this weird effect on it lol its like BAMMMM!

oh if you want follow me on instagram!: Gabybaggg

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sandy Hurricane & OOTD

So it is snowing in the Easy coast already, right after Sandy :( Its like a never ending thing. I Hope everyone who got affected by Sandy last week is doing ok.  I know there are many damages and catastrophes that Sandy brought with her but I just want to say. . . or sing "Every little thing will be alright".  I live in New Jersey so I know how bad the jersey shore got destroyed.  It wasn't only Jersey but New York and other states got a huge amount of destruction.  That is mother nature for you, nothing we can really do but stand back up and keep moving on.  Anyways I had to run errands (yes in this snow storm -_- ) and I filmed a quick OOTD on my youtube channel so go check it out.  But anyways I just wanted to say Hi :) and stay safe everyone! 
EAST COAST Stay Strong<3


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maybelline Fall collection 2012

WOWWWW It has been a while! Or MONTHS I should say.  Slacker much? Sorry guys.  So anyways I was bored and of corse the first I do is run to Walgreens.  Not a very good habit. Tisk Tisk on me. Anywho today I found the new Maybelline Collection for Fall that has been quite talked about in the beauty community.  I didn't go nuts like some crazies :p jk  , just picked up 2 things because I have not tried these products before so I didn't want to buy a bunch of them  and get stuck with something I don't like. I have been meaning to pick up some red tone shadows so this came in perfect timing! So anyways, I got the Color Tattoo in "Barely Beige" & the limited edition quad in "Cozy Cashmere" 

Top is Barely Beige
Then It starts the quad from left to right

Color Tattoo 
  • Creamy
  • Could be used with out primer and won't crease
  • Last long time
  • Reminds me of Urban Decay's color "SIN"
  • Wearable for everyday look
  • Might Try out new colors! Not disappointed at all 
  • Works well as a base/primer
  • Decent pricing
  • Colors are very rich and very pigmented. Top two have shimmer and other two are matte.
  • Great colors for fall, so I love that! Big PLUS PLUS!
  • One complaint I have about these is that they take so much space in my drawer just because of the packaging.  Number one reason to why I stick to big pallets and deputed mac shadows
  • The highlight color does have minor fallout as well
Hope I didn't bore you guys! comment below. What other Color Tattoos do you guys like? Any suggestions?


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here are some goodies that came in Aprils MyGlam Bag. I though it was very reasonable for the price we payed. Heres what came in there

UrbanDecay 24/7 eyeliner
2 MyGalm brushes, 1 line, 1small shadder
Dermstore Lip Treatment

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey guys this is just a casual look that I wore yesterday to run errands with a messy updo, I though it was cute so I took pictures to share it with you guys! Probably one of my favorites because I just love bright shoes :)

Hope you guys are having a great day!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introduction & Tutorial

So this is going to be my first post! Kind of exciting. I really hope I can keep up, Ill try my best to update as much as possible.  For those of you who don't know me, I make youtube videos and makeup is one of my favorite things in the world...oh and chocolate hehe Well anyways enough blabbering and let me tell you guys a little bit about my picture down there. It was a request made on youtube, I was asked to do a bold blue look with bright lips.  It came out better then I though it would.  If you guys want to know how to replicate this look just go on my channel! Hope you guys are had a great Easter!