Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RED HAIR BAMM! oh and New channel

Hi ya'll, so if your actually reading this I have bad news, I had to get a new channel and totally change my youtube user name, wahh wahh. It sucks, it a long story which Im not trying to bore you with so anywhooooooo if you want to see make a fool out of myself go subb to the new one: gabybaggg

Thanks appreciate it much!  oh and yeah. . .Im burning red aka I have red hair now. WOW! :O haha But I must say I do love it.  Its something that I have never tried before and kind of out of my comfort zone.  Im stepping out of the box now and I likeyyyy :)

ok toodles! Heres a picture of my new hair, let me know what you think, its not as bright as it looks here, this picture has this weird effect on it lol its like BAMMMM!

oh if you want follow me on instagram!: Gabybaggg

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