Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sandy Hurricane & OOTD

So it is snowing in the Easy coast already, right after Sandy :( Its like a never ending thing. I Hope everyone who got affected by Sandy last week is doing ok.  I know there are many damages and catastrophes that Sandy brought with her but I just want to say. . . or sing "Every little thing will be alright".  I live in New Jersey so I know how bad the jersey shore got destroyed.  It wasn't only Jersey but New York and other states got a huge amount of destruction.  That is mother nature for you, nothing we can really do but stand back up and keep moving on.  Anyways I had to run errands (yes in this snow storm -_- ) and I filmed a quick OOTD on my youtube channel so go check it out.  But anyways I just wanted to say Hi :) and stay safe everyone! 
EAST COAST Stay Strong<3


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